"One of the most interesting races I've ever done. Running in a creek for a mile? Yep, you'll do it. Using a rope to climb hills?  You'll do that, too. Scaling a rope wall? Uh huh. Awesome race organizers and volunteers? Check. 10 miles of pure pleasure and pain!" - Eric S.


Race Details:

Race Weekend Schedule:

Friday October 5th

3:00PM - Campers allowed on property

7:30PM - Bonfire/Smores for campers

10:00PM - Lights out

Saturday October 6th

5:30AM - Hot coffee and bagels for campers/volunteers!

6:45AM - Registration tables open

8:00AM - 4/6/10 Mile Race starts!

9:30AM - Awards for 4 mile race

10:00AM - Awards for 6 mile race

10:30AM - Awards for 10 mile race

12:00PM - Break down - head home

Course details:

Download the Google Earth file for the 10 mile course

Profile for 10 mile course:

Quotes from folks who have tested out our 10 mile course (keep in mind the 4 mile course is much tamer):

“Getting a little bored with playing it safe? Wait til you get a load out of this! No paved roads, graded trails or bike paths. This is old school fun. Get out and see what it looks like offroad- really offroad. Rocks, sticks, streams and ravines. This course (and we use the term loosely) is really a flagged route through the wilderness. A true test of skills- balance, uneven terrain running, climbing. Get a good taste of what a real adventure race would feel like but without all the orienteering, rappelling, canoeing, etc.”

"What I liked most about the course was the varying terrain. I haven't run a course like that which took so many different skills from trail running. There was running in open fields, running down creeks, running down wooded trails, very steep inclines, creek crossings, and even the sewer line area where the ground was uneven underneath the tall grass. The course used all of my technical trail running skills unlike any other course I have run. My favorite part of the course was the steady downhill that shot out near where we parked at about mile 8. We were able to get a lot of speed but still had to be careful not to fall. It was a great fast, gradual decline. Lots of fun! The fact that the trail isn't well traveled is a pretty big advantage your race has. Most trail races are done on mountain biking or hiking trails so they are worn down with a lot of roots and rocks on hard-packed dirt. The most scenic part of the course was running up the creek with the canopy of trees over you. "

"The Frogtown Challenge 10 Miler will not be for the meek. Took over 2 hours to complete course. Lung-busting, ankle-rolling, chest-thumping course over hills, downed trees, briars, mud, creeks, anything else mother nature can produce. It was a blast!"

Quotes from folks who have tested out our new 4 mile course:

"Went on a test run for the Frogtown Trail Challenge 4 mile course this morning. I had a blast! It was challenging, but anyone should be able to complete it. Check out the event and come join us in October."